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Friday, November 2, 2007

We're training.... seriously

So we had our Text 100 training yesterday, and unlike Suan's training-to-the-death, I figured ours was pretty fun in comparison.

Okay, the location wasn'tthe best - Bukit Tinggi is a bit too wannabe for my liking - but hey, it's the content and the people that really matter right? We had a fantastic time learning (throught presentation) but the killer was going out for orienteering.

Here's some excerpts:

Bukit Tinggi has this French-Wannabe theme which I found to be a bit..er.. muak. (Malay for 'Overly- Satiated')

Guess what these icons represent? It took me a while. Maybe my IQ just not as high as I thought.

Local wildlife in their natural habitat abound in Bukit Tinggi - like this leaf insect.

One day, someone is gonna give me one of these for my Birthday present... (shameless hint)

Finally, picture with some people. We were all pretty happy to be going outdoors for orienteering.

Until the guide dumped us here...

Gave us a compass...

And told us to find our way out.

Of course, Lee did extremely well...I might say. :)

See more here.

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^^ Pontianak ^^ said...

U sure? Thank god I was in your team. I would've died too worried about my jeans and my arse. Haha