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Friday, November 16, 2007

The worst feeling in the world...

...is when you accidentally slam into a table and hear a sickening crunch.

There went the screen of my Nokia N95. :( I'm sad. Console me.


suanie said...



kesiannyer :P

davidlian said...

Woei... don't like that lah. It's evil you know.

Anonymous said...

dun worry david. I have an OLD nokia 6510..want it ? it wont recharge tho. the socket is damaged. Colbert

Chong Su Ann, Iviane said...

dont worry, nokia phones arent really that good! :P :P

go get a sony ericsson!

Kimberlycun said...

oh no :(

davidlian said...

Oh yes! It's fixed. I'm chuffed...whew...I thought I'd never get to catch up on my podcasts for a while there.