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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's Christmas time...

So yesterday, Lydia asked me an interesting question: "Should we start shopping for Christmas this now?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"What are you going to get your guys this year ah?"

"Dunno, haven't thought of it yet. Maybe a pot of paint for Dillon and Ernest."

Then it struck me. It's pretty difficult to choose stuff for people that they actually use instead of consigning to a box sitting in a corner and collecting dust. I get a lot of stuff that I don't use from people. Stuff like candles, jigsaw puzzles, photo frames... (I have so many candles, I can light up my house just with candles for three days)

So, to help my friends out, here's a list of stuff I'm looking at for Christmas :) here goes:

1. Wood Elf Spellsinger from Games Workshop (about RM 50). I need a mage for my wood elf army, so... this is something I'll probably need. Of course, any other miniatures from the Wood Elf or Orcs & Goblin ranges are welcome. :)

2. Absolute Sandman Volume 2 (About RM 300++). This is a whopper, but darn good read. I have Volume 1 and have spent some time staring longingly at Volume 2. Sigh, cannot afford to buy. And I tell Lydia it's too expensive to buy for me (coz she ain't got no cash either).
3. Random Stylish Kitchenware (RMXX). I'm gonna move into my new house soon and we'll need to get some new kitchenware when that happens. Preferably black / white dishes or metal fork / spoon sets. :)

4. Listerine (RM 14). I use mouthwash religiously and some people suspect I drink mouthwash like coke. Haha... glad you think I have the power to metabolise so much alcohol, but I don't. Listerine Tartar Control is something I'd use.

5. Sports Shorts (RM 20 - 40). Size M, Waist about 32. Elastic type preferred. This is really what I need when I go to gym because I only have two pairs now and if I don't get more, a bit the hard lah - have to wash everyday. Most "Dai" if you buy from Jusco when Holiday sale starts.So there you have it, davidlian's top 5 most wanted Christmas gifts. :) Some aspirational stuff. Some practical stuff. What'dya waitin' for? Get crackin'!

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