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Monday, November 26, 2007

So when can we finally march?

All this coverage of illegal marches and gatherings have made me remnisce on my good ol' days back in Perth where I was right in the centre of one such march.

It wasn't violent. It wasn't illegal. It wasn't pro-the-current-government. In fact, it was a protest against the government. But, it was ALLOWED.

See, I'm not a big supporter of either side when it comes to the two recent marches. I certainly won't vote for KEADILAN and PAS because my political views don't go with them. I'm sympathetic towards DAP. I think MCA is misunderstood.

But the question I'd really like to ask the authorities is "Why weren't these organisations, who applied for the right to march, given the right to march?"

From a public relations perspective, I think the whole sequence of events was so meta-PR. First, you deny the opposition / NGO the right to march. Then, knowing that they will defy the orders, you prepare a press blitz to call the march illegal. On Monday, capitalise on that blitz and you'll have turned around the media-play into a huge advantage for yourself.

I figured that the BERSIH or Hindraf people should have maybe left the bait and called off the march(es). And then, in an open letter, challenge the decision to not allow the march. By doing what was essentially illegal (although the denial of the right to march could be challenged) you're playing right into the other party's court.

Anyway, I'm not here to provide an analysis of the turn of events that have recently happened. I'm here to remnisce about the march I was a part of... :) Check out these pics. LOL!

People of all walks of life came to protest.

More protesters.

This old uncle got creative and brought his little scooter along.

Stilts were part of the day's stunts.

It was so peaceful, the protesters even marched past people getting married.

There were many, many anti-prime minister messages.

The cops followed behind to just make sure nothing got out of hand.

Left one blur guy right behind. :) Yup, I was right there.

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