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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Events +1 more gift on wishlist

Hello everybody, Yo Ho Ho!

As Christmas is around the corner and you may or may not be sure of where you wanna do during Christmas, how about checkin' out some activites at my Church - Petra Gospel Centre in Taman Kencana, Ampang?

We've got jam-packed activities...here goes...

22nd December 2007 (Saturday)

This is THE Christmas party. It's held every year at the same time 3:00 p.m. and you can expect a great music, entertaining performances and to meet lots and lots of people who could one day be your best friends.

24th December 2007 (Monday)

So every Christmas eve, I spend a lot of time tramping from house to house and joining a bunch of people singing songs. Would you like to be one of them this year?

25th December 2007 (Tuesday)

This is our annual Gospel outreach event. This year, we're putting up a LIVE sketch telling a story set in ancient China. There'll also be a special Christmas dinner at 6:00 p.m. for youth (err...if you're around my age, then you're youth lah). Come and join us for something meaningful and worth your time.

And now...by popular demand... the sixth item on my Christmas wishlist...

Not too long ago i picked up this hobby called cycling. Granted, i've not been able to do much cycling actually, but there are pieces of gear that I need to pick up. So...

6. Full fingered Cycling gloves (RM 110 or thereabouts)

Things to look out for when buying one... don't buy one. Buy a pair! LOL. Oh, and make sure got good ventilation and made from tough material. :) Can share, share and buy also can.


pinkpau said...

hey you're from petra gc! in ampang, right? i went for this treasure hunt thing your church held once :) issit still located in the same place? i went in 2005.

davidlian said...

Wow... small world. Yups, we're still in Ampang.

Who brounght you the last time?