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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bestest Podcast Ever!


You know I like listening to podcasts right? Well, aside from the regular lot's o' tech podcasts that I listen to...like Buzz Out Loud and This Week in Tech, I just discovered what could be the most awesome video podcast ever.

Actually discovered about 2 weeks ago but didn't have time to write lah.

So, guess what podcast this is? Give you a clue: big yellow feathers, brown hairy trunk and red furry blob with orange nose. :)

You guessed it - it's the Sesame Street podcast! I used to watch Sesame Street virtually everyday as a kid (that's part of the reason why I have at least a decent command of English...I think) and its a blast to watch.

Now, you can get Sesame Street on your own Mobile Device® and bring little episodes wherever you go. Or just download them to your PC. I really like what Sesame Workshop has done with the podcast, making mini-segments focusing on one word. Like "Ballet" or "Tricycle."

It's great seeing how a very traditional company has embraced Web 2.0 and the way we view our content now by responding with something like this. Now, if only we could get more interesting podcasts with mini episodes of Ninja Turtles or the like... :)



KY said...

elmo is evil

davidlian said...

Agreed. And Big Bird is gay.