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davidlian is an ultra-geeky chinese dude that works for a technology PR agency. He loves fiddling with techno-toys, plays Warhammer 40K, and shoots pictures wherever he goes. Here, he rants about PR, Technology and anything else. Don't expect balance and un-biased, he ain't no journalist. Anything said on this blog are solely davidlian's personal views. Don't confuse them with company mantra, client's views or views of any organisation he may be part of.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Project Wood Elf Lord: Nearly Complete

I've been blogging very sporadically lately, and here's why:

He's one mean elf...

Even from the back.

Less blogging means more painting. Nice or not?


cat said...

That's another good hobby to pick up... looks de-stressing.

davidlian said...

Lol. if you wanna try, let me know. I'll hook you up. :)

cat said...

No harm trying i guess... where could one start with a beginner project? hehe