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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New Nokia N95 Firmware update!

Lol. This piece of news makes me so happy, because I've always guessed a firmware update was waiting to happen, and when this finally happened...it feels great.

Check out: http://www.allaboutsymbian.com/news/item/6308_The_N95_classic_hits_v20_firmw.php

For the uniniated, the update helps:

1. Faster camera-time between shots
2. Gallery loads up faster
3. Built-in Search 4.0 feature, right in your front-screen
4. Demand Paging with 30 MB free RAM after booting (sounds like a computer? This means more memory to play around with apps)
5. N-Gage Preview and Nokia Music Store applications (yeah...Ovi...mmm...)

*Disclaimer, yes, Nokia is my client, but I also own an N95 (denying the temptation to upgrade to 8GB) and I can surely blog about my own devices and my excitement over a release that affects me most as a consumer. SO there. :)


kimberlycun said...

hey david, can you send out sms after the upgrade?

wondering if it's only me, i've updated the firmware, twice. and both times i couldn't send any sms out. i can receive sms and calls though. message centre number is correct also. any idea what could be the problem?

davidlian said...

Yup. I can. Works better than ever.

I suspect you don't, but just checking if you have Conversation (http://www.nokia.com/betalabs/conversation) installed? There were some issues with Conversations and SMS for the N95 and they've since pulled that version of the beta.

David said...

whore! :p

davidlian said...

lol. please note, the "david" above is not "davidlian"...it's prolly "davidchieng."

I'm not whoring lar...just pointing out technical facts. *Lol*