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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nice Hamper or not?

Today, what a pleasant surprise!

So, the story goes I was out for the better part of this afternoon for meetings and helping to manage a TV interview (actually pitched and setup by Vicky). Not really in the mood for work because of yesterday's long night, then when, just 15 minutes after I stepped into the office, a nice yellow hamper came in.

Vicky actually picked up the buzzer first and muttered to me over the divider "Some package for you..."

The delivery guy stepped through the door, and Libby rushed to sign the delivery order. We were all working quite a bit (I was drafting some email) and then Beatrice decided to rush over and check it out...

She yelped.

"David! It's from Nokia!"

"Uh, phone?"

Okay, that wasn't how I responded. I checked out the package and the cool card attached to it and it made me think - "Wah....first present from client liao..."

So, check out these pics:

Yup, there was Famous Amos, Esprit (fruit drink), some Macademian chocolate and oooh... Coffex Turkist coffee.

I was actually a bit puzzled, because clients always tell me to lay off the coffee...so....coffex? Anyway, just wanted to say a big THANK YOU! You really know my taste.


Chong Su Ann, Iviane said...

make sure you share okay! if not it's... it's... what's that word... turn to your pr code of professional conduct #8 by iprm!

:P :P

davidlian said...

haha...How'd ya know what's the professional conduct code of IPRM. Anyway, I didn't post this on your blog yet, but, glad you're getting better!

Chong Su Ann, Iviane said...

i take pr also okayyyy. -_-"

davidlian said...

Ooh! Oh yah hoh?

Eh, when u want to look for a job, come look for me lah.

Chong Su Ann, Iviane said...

i definitely will, after my degree.

but i'll go disturb nigel first. he gets rm500 allowance every 3 months to shop on roxy and quicksilver stuffs okay! and it's a compulsory. where's the logic in it you tell me! &*^#)@^#!$@&^#!

Fashionasia said...

its great to be appreciated by clients for the things u do....:)