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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Update, update!!!

Okay, I've been owing this update a long, long time. A lot of things has been happening in my life lately... (okay, that sounds a bit overly dramatic. Nothing earth-shattering. Just a lot of mundane chores that I need to do.)

I go to work, and work and work and work; but can't finish work in one day and go home with more work left for tomorrow. Then I go home and I do the church stuff, or attend a church meeting, but can't finish the church stuff in one day, and have to leave some more for the next day. Then the wedding stuff - same story. Have hardly played WoW this past two weeks - life gets in the way.

Anyway, sorry for the rant about life. Guess everyone wishes there was more time.

Back to the important stuff I have to update:

1. An important story came up last two weeks where the Editor of PC World in the US resigned when asked to not publish a story that was negative of one of its advertisers. I'm not gonna rant too much on this. It's been said and done with. But it does make you wonder. Anyway, here's a nice posting from ebolasaurus if you'd like to read.

2. I'm finally signing for my new house. Yups! All I need to do is now cough up the cash, and that 20-year-old house I've been ogling will be mine...er....ours. Technically, Lydia owns half-share. That's fine. I can share.

3. I've run out of wedding cards. Well, yeah. Embarassing but true. Wedding's just round the corner and after mailing out batch after batch of cards, it seems we didn't request for enough. So, I went back to Times Square for the cards, and the hotel wanted an additional RM 2 per card. Ridiculous! They insisted they only provided cards on a 5 cards per table ratio. So you expect all my friends to be couples? (No offence to you if you're reading this and are not a couple). Anyway, I've straightened the mess up and we'll pay the RM 200 for the 100 extra cards if we can't meet the quota of tables. So...more cards going out...if you haven't got yours yet.

4. I'm buying a bike! Oooo yes! If you remember, I ranted a couple of months back about increasing MidValley parking rates and was looking for a bike that costs under RM 600. Well, the deal's sealed, sorta (Thanks Jason and Robin and Ernest!) The guys have wrangled together some second hand parts, I take Robin's frame off him for RM 250 and waaaa-laaaa, a spanking new, second-hand bike.

5. We're moving office in August. After lots of lobbying, and incessant reminding, we've finally gotten approval to move from our cramped premises in Boulevard, to a spanking new office in Northpoint. Still in Midvalley, still close to home and, most importantly, still within cycling distance. Now... to lobby for that office shower...

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Elections...smells like freshly tarred roads

Does anyone ever notice that everytime an election's just round the corner, roads start getting tarred everywhere and massive potholes are being filled up?

Sounds like a political ploy from the 40s? Sure is. Political parties do this all the time. Everywhere, regardless of which country you're in. Slick tarred roads. Sudden Tax reforms / reprieves. A high-profile anti-corruption campaign. Whatever voters want, voters get... just before election.

It's a sad state of the state (I know, pun intended) when managing the country is just a little pandering to the masses when it suits the political power and they need it's votes.

I've just registered as a voter. And if you're a voter, I urge you not to look at superficial reforms that are being carried out like freshly tarred roads just to make you vote for the party. But take stock of how the party has delivered on past promises.

Vote intelligently. And if you haven't registered yet, please do.