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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Elections...smells like freshly tarred roads

Does anyone ever notice that everytime an election's just round the corner, roads start getting tarred everywhere and massive potholes are being filled up?

Sounds like a political ploy from the 40s? Sure is. Political parties do this all the time. Everywhere, regardless of which country you're in. Slick tarred roads. Sudden Tax reforms / reprieves. A high-profile anti-corruption campaign. Whatever voters want, voters get... just before election.

It's a sad state of the state (I know, pun intended) when managing the country is just a little pandering to the masses when it suits the political power and they need it's votes.

I've just registered as a voter. And if you're a voter, I urge you not to look at superficial reforms that are being carried out like freshly tarred roads just to make you vote for the party. But take stock of how the party has delivered on past promises.

Vote intelligently. And if you haven't registered yet, please do.


David said...

But why vote when none of the dolts contesting are worth voting for? :P

nicole said...

you vote to send a message to the incumbent lor... even if it might be a very small voice...it's like the coins... lama lama (hopefully) jadi gunung...

davidlian said...

Agree with Nicole.

We need to have a voice lah. Vote, people, vote!