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Thursday, April 26, 2007

To hear, or to silence

Firstly, if you're the CIA and you're reading this post, I am NOT a terrorist, serial killer or any like minded person. I just have an opinion.

I'm sure by now you've all heard about South Korean student Cho Seung Hui's mass murder at Virginia Tech and how he shot himself after killing more than 30 people. You've probably also heard the outcry over the media outlets publishing his "manifesto".

Now, I'm not pro-silencing or pro-airing. But I am pro-listening-to-what-he-has-to-say-and- making-some-good-judgement-or-learning-good-lessons-from-it. From what we know in the media, Cho rants against "rich kids" and "debauchery". And classmates said he was bullied. So what does that tell us?

Instead of an outcry over "disturbing images" we should ask ourselves, really, why did he do it? What was he experiencing? His story seems so similar to what happens here in malaysia, kids who get ostracized in school, laughed at, and ragged.

I've seen people like that when I was in school. I'm sure you have.

The most that most of these people do is go home to Mommy crying. This one went out and bought two guns. There's a message here somewhere.

Maybe Cho's telling us to look at how we live and how we treat others. Do we victimise and put people down around us, in our workplace, or in school? Someday, the "butt of all jokes" will have the last laugh.

Read this guy's blog posting. He makes a good comment.


brenton said...

Cheers for the link dude.

I find it really disturbing how people are so desperate to resist the moral of the story.

davidlian said...

No problem.

I totally agree with you. Yes, on one hand, this may be precisely what he wants - to air his message. But on the other hand, we SHOULD listen and decide for ourselves if that's a message that's worth hearing and learning and understanding - so we don't make the same mistake again.

It's easy to dismiss dead people as psychos. It's much harder to admit that we may have had a hand in pushing them that way.