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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Return of the parking saga

Remember the time I was ranting about MidValley's increased rates? Well... they've also screwed up something else.

Just last Friday whislt attempting to exit the parking mall area, a massive traffic jam was caused. Why? Because someone had expired the 20 minutes grace period you're allocated to exit the carpark.

Okay, that's normal, right? But wait till you hear this.

Because MidValley is so super packed with people and they all want to get out at the same time, let's just say that in the midst of waiting, you had many many people with 20-minute-grace-period expired.

Chaos ensued.

So, how can MidValley fix this?

1. A longer grace period. Maybe 30 minutes?
2. A better traffic flow, with attendants guiding people out in peak hours. Someone has to think of a plan.
3. Or, just go back to flat RM 1 parking?

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