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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Heave a sigh of relief

It's fixed. :)

It's fixed!

Took my trusty N95 to the Bangsar store today. The fella had nice look at it and said, "Cracked screen? How did that happen?"

I fumbled, and muttered something about clumsily swinging my hips to the edge of my desk, whilst smartly removing the protective cover of my N95 and facing the screen outwards.

He smiled and said "We get a lot of this. I'll check if we have a screen in stock."

(At this point, I was pretty relieved that it wasn't just me that was nicely smashing up nice N95 screens. Apparently there are other clumsy people out there too)

The service chap popped back, and said there was a screen and he could get it done in the half hour. Yippee!

Anyway, to cut the long story short, lesson learnt: I'll never remove my N95 from its protective case ever again. It's going to stay wrapped in protective padding forever.


Kimberlycun said...

what a relief to see a perfectly smooth screen!

davidlian said...

Yes. I was beginning to miss my N95.

Randy Boy said...


you sure it's not a conspiracy theory by nokia to help drive sales for phone screens?

Is it also the reason why they charge an arm and a leg for the padded case?

KY said...

lol, had to pay

davidlian said...

Randy: Hehe...you're asking the wrong person about Nokia conspiracy theories - but no. The case came free with the N95. :)

KY: yeah lor. I'm just a regular customer too.