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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Chieng / Good Media Friends

First, I'd like to wish Mr. and Mrs. David Chieng a very, very happy marriage :). Just got back from their sloshing party-cum-wedding dinner and I've got to say, they sure look like they are made for each other *tips my hat in their direction*.

Secondly, I just want to say what a great thing it is to have good (media) friends. Nigel Yap totally acted like my mommy - warning me off driving whilst still a bit sloshed (actually, I wasn't at all, otherwise I wouldn't be typing this) - but I really appreciated it. That's so touching man. (Oh, see, I got back in one piece).

But you know, it made me think, that, on the way home, as PR people its so often easy to just make "friends" without being "friends" (you know what I mean.) Yet, I have in about 4 years on the job made some really good friends whom the word "media" really takes a secondary role. One of them got married tonight. The other made sure I got home safely. Kudos guys, this is what makes our industry tick.

I'll have a pic up once I get round to uploading them to flickr. ;)


KY said...

I don't want to return the phone can? :P

davidlian said...

Kenotler... It's a review unit lah. Client will kill me. But you can keep it for a bit. :)

David said...

Thanks for being there dude. The night was too short. Will touch base once i get back to KL this coming weekend. ;)