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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Top new technology... for something essentially old!

It's been nearly two decades since I grew out of it. But when I encountered today's new-fangled "tanglung" design at our church's Mooncake Festival do on Sunday, "wow!" I felt so amazed at what technology has done to this ancient tradition.

As you can see, the familiar glass-paper tanglungs we used to have are now replaced with slick beachball-type material ones. Instead of expecting kids to burn up about 2 - 3 tanglungs a night thanks to wax candles and highly flamable material, you can rely on the these modern tungsten bulb-lighted tanglungs to be burn-resistant. And, of course, the highly stylised fish and butterfly characters of our well-loved tanglungs are now replaced with branded characters such as.... Winnie the Pooh (which is Lydia's favourite Disney character, by the way)!

Above is Kee Gan, the product of Mr. and Mrs. Low and a fantastic model for showing just how stylish these new tanglungs are. It's like, really evolving tradition with technology. Now... the one thing I don't appreciate is replacing all the great-tasting traditional mooncakes with wacky-flavours like "Mint Chocolate" and "Cheesecake." Makes my stomach queasy.

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