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Friday, September 28, 2007

Gee, see my clean desktop?

This is an actual picture of my desktop as it is now. Yeap, can't believe it right? It's normally, usually very cluttered.

I guess Amilia tagged me just at the right time coz I had to move all the junkie icons into one need "desktop" folder on Wednesday as there was a Nokia launch going on and my lappie really was the star of the show - we ran the presentation off my laptop.

So, what do I usually have on?

  1. Microsoft Outlook - Industry Standard Email. 'Nuff said.
  2. Windows Live Messenger - Industry Standard Instant Messaging. One of the actually good pieces of software to come out of Microsoft. I also chat on Gtalk. Hate yahoo! messenger as it screws my PC over with its resource hogging.
  3. FireFox - Love it! Absolutely prefer to use FireFox over Internet Explorer anyday. Oh...I also have Flock installed. It's this really cool browser that incorporates Web 2.0 stuff into it.
That's about it. I love my desktop clean and beautiful (thought it's actually, really, always, very messy.)

Now, I'm gonna suggest Suanie writes something about her desktop.

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Amidrin said...

haha... your desktop really looks so clean and empty. Doesn't look like it belongs to a guy at all..kekeke...