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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Twitter today, gone tomorrow

Hello! I've just spent the last eight or so hours sitting in on some really interesting discussions with senior Text 100 leaders and one thing our CEO said really hit me.

When asked about what challenges PR professionals face in today's world, given the advances in technology, she simply responded that technology today is moving really fast and platforms change very quickly. We just have to be on our feet at all times.

Twitter Today

Pause and think a little on that, the depth of this simple statement is amazing. Just yesterday, I was debating with Kelvin Lim on the use of Twitter as communications and we both realised that there's obviously a use for it and we're still figuring it out. Even more PR people are figuring out how to use blogging, podcasting, viral videos and social networking as effective components of their PR programmes.

But that's still what we're doing - figuring it out. Some people get it more than others, granted, but in this world of technology, I'm figuring that we'll never truly have the time figure everything out about a new communications platform.

By the time we do, people would have probably moved on to the next.

So what's a poor, beleaguered PR person to do? Get on wit' it, that's what. It's really a challenge to keep in touch with all the latest communication platforms, but understand the fact that you'll always be playing catch up and communications is about making the best of catching up.

You've got to experiment. If the idea is sound, chances are it might work. And who's to say it won't?


Aaron said...

I agree that it's sometimes difficult to keep up with all of the new tools out there. We as communicators have an obligation to learn about as many of the ways that people are communicating as possible, even if we choose not to actually participate in all of them ourselves.

There will always be something newer and sexier that everyone is paying attention to. My advice for companies overwhelmed by all these new tools would be to first determine what they want to talk about and who they want to talk about it with, and then to choose the tools that best meet those objectives.

That's speaking generally. As for you, you better figure out how to keep yourself ahead of the curve! :-)

davidlian said...

Hey Aaron,

Thanks for the encouragement. No doubt, I keep all the devious tricks on how to stay ahead in the head. :)