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Friday, April 25, 2008

Blogging: it's really social

Firstly - I'm back from Kuching! Really missed MSN and felt much much disconnected.

Well, surfed onto Innit today and wham!


Notice that all the top 10 posts on Innit share the same name (almost)? So I investigated by talking to David and Nigel.

In the abridged and summarised words of David Cheong (Not me, so if I got this wrong, don't blame me):

Basically, it started with this blogger pamsong blogging about a movie meetup for bloggers and everyone could self-invite. People started commenting and RSVPing to meet up and then the day came, they had 17 bloggers all come together to watch the movie Definitely. Maybe. Coming off the movie, this blogger Yatz (you know, we've met) came up with an idea that these seventeen bloggers go online, post about the meetup with small variables in the name of each post. Come today, the whole (innit) world knew they had gone out to have a quick meetup and this Definitely Gang, Maybe Bang has become sort of a little tighter group. About over 400 emails exchanged already on mass email chat.
What really piqued my interest was just how much social interaction is generated by this exchange that culminated in a real world physical outing. Being the social media freak that I am, I spent a while trying to figure these things out, but sometimes, the most important lessons are the most obvious ones.

The blogosphere (s) is social. And publicly social. What I mean by public in this last phrase is that virtually anyone and everyone can join in the conversation. The social part means you're stuck on the same rules like IRL when dealing with people. Different interests, different goals, different views, different personalities - and always that little potential for a little human chemistry.

Not to over-analyse a little get-together, but I'm just quite excited about the potential of communications here. Good job guys, you people are all inspirations.


pamsong said...

Yeah! Haha. We feel really inspired, too. It's great being a part of a community. =)

Yatz said...

this is a community service message brought to u by the DGMB Groupie..LOL

joshuaongys said...

haha this is good!!!! i'm lovin it =)

Aronil said...

hehehe thanks for the support man :) why weren't u at the meet man. And this is what u call heavy viral marketing.

Randy Khoo said...


David Lian is a church member.
But didn't invite him.. lol
Maybe next time dave...

davidlian said...

@pamsong, yatz, joshua, aronil: Thanks for the words. Unfortunately, I was sick that day. What I found fascinating was the power of peering and the amount of actionable communication that came out of blogging.

@randy: what? Just church member? What happened to classmate, star wars junkie, friend etc?

pamsong said...

Haha. Then join us for our next one. It's coming up. =p

davidlian said...

@pamsong: Sure! Just make sure I'm healthy.