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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

N-Gage Screens and my catch of the day

So I spent a good chunk of my morning snapping screenshots of N-Gage games from my N95
so media could use it (disclosure: I work for Nokia. But no, no one paid me to write this). They turned out quite nice and I thought I'd stick'em up here.

N-Gage Interface - Dashboard 1
This here's the 'dashboard' where at a glance, you can see yourself and a summary of all the information.

N-Gage Interface - Games
The games tab lists the games that you've downloaded and can play.

N-Gage Interface - Rankings
The rankings tab gives you more information about your reputation (I'm nil!), your friends and how many N-Gage points you've scored through playing offline or online. There's also a friends tab which lets you message online friends or leave them offline messages. You can also hook up with them to start multiplayer games.

N-Gage Interface - Showroom
Finally, the Showroom tab lets you download games (you can play the trial versions for free) and purchase them subsequently. I bought my first game (yes, bought you people), Creatures of the Deep, for US$ 7.99 which I didn't think was too bad a price. Creatures of the Deep people - fishing is fun.

Creatures of the Deep - why I like fishing.

Kel told me he thought this game was meh and no one would be patient enough to patiently sit by waiting for fish to bite. Especially not in a virtual simulator. I still wanted to try it out and after a couple of passes with the Trial version (they let you score points even with the trial version) I was hooked (no pun intended). This ain't a review, it won't be fair, but I just wanted to share a few screens.

Creatures of the Deep 1
I love the loading screens. Fun quotes appear with each screen.

Creatures of the Deep 2
The world map and the fact you can travel to different locations to fish I thought was fantastic. Being an RPG nut, I liked that you could level up and upgrade your equipment. Level 10 fisherman anyone?

Creatures of the Deep 4
Every little resort has a shop where you can upgrade your gear to catch bigger fish. That piddly beginner's rod you start with won't catch a shark.

Creatures of the Deep 5
Fishing starts with you clicking on a power button to cast your line. The further you cast, the more you'll have to reel in, but also, the better chance of a good catch whilst you're reeling in.

Creatures of the Deep 6
Once it's cast, you have to wait a bit. Urm...to be fair to Kel, this is the part that I find a bit tedious. But I'm not the patient sort anyway.

Creatures of the Deep 7
A bit of smart tapping, and soon, you get a hook! Start struggling to reel it in. Too fast and the line breaks. Too slow and the fish gets away.

Creatures of the Deep 8
Of course, once you've reeled your catch in, you're told what it is and given some experience points (to level up). In this case, my expert skill means I caught a 66.3 KG Yellowfin Tuna.

Creatures of the Deep 9
And made it to the media. :)

FIFA 08 3
And I'll even sneak a screen of FIFA 08.


suanie said...

my favourite game is still alsphat (sp)

davidlian said...

@suan: it's asphalt. :) Nah... I don't really like racing cars.