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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Intel Atom! My EeePC put on hold

I'm officially putting my project to get hold of an ASUS Eee PC on hold after Intel's introduction of the Atom today in China's IDF. A journalist was MSNing me live from Shanghai, and giving me the details:

[censored] said: eh you should see the new intel atom platform devices
[censored] said: they run vista, etc. and can fit into n800 profile
davidlian said:
davidlian said:
Got pics? I want...
[censored] said: 3W power consumption
[censored] said: you can run quake iii on it
[censored] said: lol
[censored] said: quite powerful processor
[censored] said:
Got heaps!
davidlian said:
email me
[censored] said: soon la
Then the bloke goes running out for another briefing. I was piqued, but curious to see what devices actually looked like.

Surfing Engadget later in the afternoon and, Bingo! Lenovo Ideapad U8 (my client, but this post isn't fixed). Looks like this:Picture via Engadget

Lovely right? I'm just wondering if there'll be a version that looks closer to a mini-laptop (like the Eee PC). I'm told there are many various devices with many different form factors. I'm also told that they'll come pretty cheap (Eee PC range?). Guess I'll wait and see now.


Kamigoroshi said...

I wouldn't hold my breath. The Atom while being the next generation chipset, would definitely not come cheap. If so, all the cheap ultraportables would be running centrino based chipsets, which they don't.

The New HP ultraportable is said to run on Atom, but the base price is said to be 600 bucks, which is 200 more the EeePC. Do the math conversion and it suddenly isn't worth it.

davidlian said...

Still, as tech matures, prices get cheaper. I did see a Twinhead 11 incher for just RM 1,700. Hmm... I still think the wait and see approach is the best.

"If so, all the cheap ultraportables would be running centrino based chipsets, which they don't."

That's true, but there are exceptions. And I do believe that the ultraportable trend is taking hold in such a way that manufacturers will soon have to offer an option to their customers or stand to lose ground.