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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Getting on. Getting off. Going nowhere.

So we were supposed to take off at 10:05 a.m. (that’s what our boarding pass suggested), and as of time of writing at 11:41 a.m., I’m now still sitting in KLIA tip-tapping away on my Thinkpad with a thirst swelling at the back of my throat.

Waitin' to get on the plane

The view wasn't worth the wait.

We have just gotten off the plane; The Client, Libby and I.

More than an hour ago, we were all boarded and settled in on MH 2564 bound for Kuching. Yes, there were some problems with the plane and we boarded 15 minutes later than expected. Yes, I’d prefer that we waste 2 hours rather than crash land somewhere on the Pentas Sunda. But, could this have been done in a better way? Yes!

Just a suggestion for MAS in case you have people who monitor non-consequential blogs like mine. I think it would be good if you showed some token of remorse or at least appreciation for the inconvenience caused to your passengers by giving us some food and drink vouchers, or maybe some RM 20 in-flight shopping vouchers (good that it does us) or some other nice touch. Not a lot, but you know, the guy next to me missed an important meeting just because of the delay.

Addendum at the end a long day that seemed longer than it should have. 6:52 pm:

Dear MAS,

Also, please do at least have the decency to realize that when you shift a two-hour flight to 12 noon, that the meal on-board should be lunch – not a fancy croissant and some yoghurt. My stomach rumbles.

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