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Monday, April 7, 2008

I hate the 'power' button.

So I'm furiously working away on my lap-top. Typing about 75 words a minute when I ter-press the wrong button...

Power Button

*computer shuts down*

Does anyone else have this same problem? Will people designing keyboards stop putting a power button on the keyboard? With the one-touch off power buttons on most computers today, why do we even need this?


Oh well, back to work.


Jasonmumbles said...

You can disable it through the control panel, power options button and stuffs. I disabled mine and the sleep hot key too. :P

And 75 words per minute, not that fast and still can terpress the button? Hehe.

davidlian said...

Jason, you make me sound like a n00b. But, yeah, I would disable it...if not for all the admin-locked-ness of my work laptop.

Dom. said...

just change your keyboard/?? lol..

Tim said...

Aiyo you're using blogger..

Anyway you can stick a bottle cap on it :)

ShaolinTiger said...

Just pop the key out dude, seriously thats the best way, just put a little strip of gaffer tape over it.

That's what I did.

davidlian said...

@dom: Nah. I already paid RM 15 for it.
@tim: What's wrong with Blogger?
@shaolintiger: I'll probably do that. It'll never bother me again.

cheayee said...

ha.... i have a "battery" button on my laptop... but have no idea what it is for. Hah.

davidlian said...

@cheayee: LMAO. Depending on your model, it should open the battery savings programme.

Skyler said...

What is this I don't have a power button! I feel ripped off.

davidlian said...

Skyler, you're fortunate. Don't have to deal with time-wasting, accidental shut downs.