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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dear Mas, where's the plane?

Where's The Plane?

The picture probably says it all.

It's past the fifth hour I've spent sitting in Kuching International Airport. I've tried various outlets to kill time - doing work, staring at too-expensive toys, eating KFC and sleeping on extremely uncomfortable chairs.

My neck now aches and I'm in a whingy mood. I'll only rant short to keep this blog from turning into a whinge-fest. And I promise to put something thoughtful up soon.

-start of rant-
What's with Malaysia Airlines and all it's broken down planes? For the fee customers pay, you should at least be able to keep your planes in running shape.

Add insult to the injury, hey... the Air Asia flight back to Kuala Lumpur just took off. On time.
-end of rant-


suanie said...

is it a bird? no!
is it a plane? NO!!!

davidlian said...

Err..hey MAS people, if you're reading this, the statement above cannot be used as evidence.

As much as I am disliking your company right not, I have no intention to bomb your HQ. Don't worry, no need for an evacuation procedure. Just calm down and stay in your office.

Myself & I said...

LOL (for the reply to suanie)
*air asia rock*

davidlian said...

Actually, I am dreading the fact that AirAsia will charge me RM 8 for each bottle of water I drink on my 8 hour flight to Gold Coast. So not much better.