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Saturday, April 26, 2008

So I've decided to buy an Eee PC 900...

Yup, you're reading the post right. I was really going to wait until Intel Atom UMPCs started appearing, but I guess the itch couldn't wait to be scratched fast enough, so I've actually gone placed an order on a Black Eee. Mmmm....

Asus Eee PC
Couldn't find a press picture of the black Eee, so the white one'll have to do.

Not that my Thinkpad's going to get any less love now, but I really see the Eee as an alternative carry-around computer for those computing needs that fit somewhere between my Nokia N95 and Thinkpad.

Web-browsing, RSS-reading, the occasional document editing, and possibly loading Baldur's Gate for another run through.

Right now, I'm still mulling over which operating system I should slap onto it. I have an old copy of Windows XP lying around which is no longer installed on my desktop (since I upgraded to Vista). I could possibly slap that on.

Or I could keep the Xandros (Linux) installation intact and work from that.

But what's really piqued my interest at this point is the thought of putting the Mac OS X onto an Eee.

Ah, choices, choices.


Tim said...

Haha I played the BG series like 5-6 times through as well! They don't make RPGs like those any more.

Haven't tried it on a 22-inch screen yet though :P

davidlian said...

Dude! I tried Icewind Dale on a 17 incher and man...it's pixelated. Haha...kinda glad the Eee only has a small screen. At least the graphics'll look sharp.

KY said...

linux for the win!

QuaChee said...

the space is quite small rite for that? but the price is such a bargain!

i agree its a good thing to carry around for emails & web stuffs. im just waiting for more companies to jump-in the race haha.

and maybe also thinking of the mac air, though its bigger & heavier.

Justin Koh said...

I have mine installed with Windows XP Pro, tweaked a bit with nLite.

My EeePC is also modified, with touch screen and bluetooth.

I'm thinking of installing OS X but I dont have a (legal) copy with me.

Will show you mine when I meet you in the next event. hehe.

davidlian said...

@ky: Hmmm....that was my last choice tho.
@quachee: Well, it's got 20GB on an SSD. Choosing between this and the HP 2133's 160GB, I went for the Eee because of the SSD. Plus, I don't expect to store lots of files here. Mac Air costs too much for what it does, and is a much larger footprint on the table.
@Justin: Wow! How did you get bluetooth and touchscreen on your Eee? How much did it cost?

Justin Koh said...

4 things:
1. Get a 7 inch touch screen..Mine was a spare part from those car ICE touch screen thingy...(RM140)
2. a four port USB hub (RM15)
3. a bluetooth dongle (RM15)
4. Patience for soldering!

total cost about RM200..i gave up on soldering...asked the electrical shop to do it for me, about rm50...

the usb hub (stripped) was soldered using CAT5 wires onto one of the unused usb in the Eee...then placed on at the space just above the RAM..then plug in the bluetooth dongle(also stripped) to the usb hub...kao tim!

planning to buy a 8gb pendrive, strip it then plug into the usb hub as well...

davidlian said...

@Justin: Wah, you're quite possibly the most geekiest, techiest person I know.