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Monday, March 17, 2008

Wii!!! The Nuffnang Pajama Party report

So right before the Nuffnang Pajama Party, I had a really difficult time contemplating if I should wear the Chipster pajama I had painstakingly made. If I wore it, I would probably look like a doofus the whole night, and be mistaken for a Singaporean (more on this later). If I didn't, I might miss out on the chance to win a prize.

Nuffnang Pajama Party
Nuffnang Pajama Party 08. Hope we have more.

Thankfully, I had KY as my blogging guru and advisor and he promptly made my mind up for me by giving me some encouragement along the lines of "Don't be a #@%^$! If you don't want to wear it, I'll wear it and if I win something, I'll keep it."

With a Wii or iPod Touch at stake, I decided to wear it.

Nuffnang Pajama Party
Sinsei KY and me.

Now this would be an extremely long post about a great party that's already covered in many, many other blogs such as this, this and this. So I'll summarise what I thought was the best parts of the pary and then answer some of the questions I got asked for wearing Chipster packaging on me.

The best stuff at the NuffNang Pajama Party according to davidlian

5. Games
The games were fabulous. I particularly enjoyed the 'movie partners' game. Imagine having to sift through a massive crowd of people to find 14 other Han Solos or Princess Leias.

4. Freebie Gifts
Loved the bedtime themed prizes and the GSC Movie vouchers (where did you get that idea from, Su Ann? hehe...) Like any blogger, I welcome free SWAG.

3. Watching some blogger pay 8,000 NuffNang dollars for a kiss from Dawn Yang!
Priceless! Just see below:

Pic shamelessly borrow from Timothy Tiah's blog

2. Winning the Wii!
Again, priceless! Totally unexpected. Sorry Kim.

Finally, No. 1 best thing about going to the party:

1. Meeting other bloggers
This is more than priceless. I can't remember the names of everyone I met, but here are some: David Cheong, FireAngel, Eyeris, Samantha Lim, Li Suan, Kate, and a host of a lot more people. It was great meeting you guys, send me some pics so I can post them here!

And now, on to the...

Q&A on the Chipster Suit

1. Are you Singaporean?
Nope. i'm not. Why do you ask?

Because your suit makes you look very kiasu. So I thought you're Singaporean lar!
... [no comment :/]

2. Did Chipster pay you to wear this?
Nope again. But they did promise some darn awesome prizes which I DID want to win.

3. Seriously now, is it hot wearing all that packging?
Hmm... that's a debatable question. Inside here the air-conditioning is rather cold, so I guess I'm rather snug. But really, the packaging is quite insular and helps keep your Chipster chips warm and crispy. It also reflects your body heat really well, so maybe Chipster can diversify into Antarctic clothing sometime in the future?

4. Where did you get the idea from?
Honestly, I thought it was a really obvious idea. The clues were all there: "How I sleep better with Chipster?" "Pajama Party?" "Do a quirky blogpost?". In fact, I was terrified that someone else would have the same idea and actually have better craft skills than me (I've consistently been graded D for art in school).

5. Are you wearing anything underneath all that packaging?
Er...no. Duh! Of course lah! I wouldn't risk stepping out into the public wearing nothing but Chipster packaging would I? Of course, the PR answer I'd give is:

"Due to the insular nature of the packaging and the way it reflects heat, it is necessary for me to wear a layer of cotton to ensure that heat is not directly reflected back onto my skin, which causes excessive sweating and dehydration."


yipguseng said...

hahah! dude! grats on the Wii!!! ;)

davidlian said...

Thanks! :)

revel in me said...

Haha, I have pictures of us doing to robotic move with you!!!!! Lend me the Wii sometime, and I'll oass them to you! :P

Copykate said...

surprised that u remember me. LOL.

good job on the chipster pyjamas! such an creative idea!

and congrats for the prize! *jealous* X(


Skyler said...

Davidlian! You SEE how powerful me rooting for you is!

KY said...

david u pwn!

davidlian said...

@revel in me: Haha... sure.
@copykate: Of course I remember you. :) I'm loving the Wii too.
@Skyler: you rock!
@KY: Yeah, sifu also pwns. Hahah... lumix ya?

DC said...

The more appropriate answer would be that the reflective bits reflected heat to ur ...er ... naughty bits, keeping you nice and warm.

davidlian said...

@dc: oooh... you're mean man.

julian said...

The pyjamas idea was pretty good, well done. Wish I had thought of it! Though the ipod touch would have been more what I want...

Dabido said...

Congrates on winning the Wiiiiiii.

I was trying to buy on here in Perth, but they haven't had them for the last month. lol

davidlian said...

@julian: Thanks for your kind words.
@dabido: Hey man, thanks!You know what? I studied in Perth. I love that City!

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

told u that u'll win right LOL congrates!

davidlian said...

@kuan: thanks!