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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bad, bad service at expensive restaurant *geram*

So we decided to go out for lunch today to celebrate a colleague's confirmation. We settled on one of them none-too-cheap restaurants over at Gardens, Midvalley and were all hyped up for a sumptious meal. After all, as you can see from the pic below, it promised "Hospitality with a Heart."


Turns out to be another fanciful tagline that means nothing because the whole experience quickly turned into a highly stressful one, leaving me to walk away wondering: "Why are we paying so much money for so mundane food (which you can get from a hawker stall by the way) if not for good service (which is still charged at 10% service charge)?

Instead, we had a couple of immigrant workers (read: cheap labour) serving us and getting us off the wrong foot by messing up our order. Despite repeated attempts to communicate, they just didn't get it.

First, it was the wrong drink.

Then, they refused to cancel an order of rice (beats me why?) until we "insisted" quite "firmly."

The food came slow. The bill came slower. And our dessert, well... let's just say when I peered over after waiting for 15 minutes, I saw one worker scolding another worker for forgetting to "process" the order.

The best part of the whole experience? Well, my colleage ordered a takeaway of his drink. Mind you, this was a new order for a new drink, just that he wanted it packed for takeaway. Guess what he got?


His RM 8.00 Lemongrass mixed with syrup water was packed in a plastic bag a la mamak stall. What? From a high-end restaurant, I expect better. *shakes head*

Well, I'm sorry to say this but, is the restaurant business so difficult that you need to overcharge AND cut corners by hiring cheap labour who can't speak the language whilst saving money by giving us plastic bags for takeaway?

*shakes head*


Kimberlycun said...

lmaoooo this is just baffling

Chai Latte said...

hahaha. guess, this restaurant just dun get it. maybe they only want 1 time biz, that's all. soon they will have a facelift of the place and turn it into a whole new dining concept. Feel sad for your friend. the lemongrass drink is pathetic looking. hope it did not taste bad too

ALeX said...

I've ran into a similar one at Amcorp mall...they just can't make it with such services and absurd price....laughed at that "packed" lemongrass drink...LOL

davidlian said...

@kim: yeah, we were scratching our heads.
@chai latte: Yeah, it stinks of profiteering.
@alex: :) this is a case of overpaying for packet drink?

Randy Khoo said...

Well, foreign workers are notorious for robbing people in Malaysia.

In this event, consider it a case of Daylight Robbery


davidlian said...

I don't think the owner was a foreign worker.

^^ Pontianak ^^ said...

haha~ omg. to be honest, the lemongrass drink wasn't bad at all. the packaging sucks. i mean, mak cik kat tepi jalan jual cincau yang warna warni tu packs drinks in proper paper cups. n u missed out one more thing - the other tables had better service and attention bcoz "they don't look like locals"