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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

This song is dedicated to all you PR Consultants out there

Boss shared this with me. We sniggered.

This is dedicated to all the PR Consultants out there coz you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. If you're my client, this is not aimed at you. I love all my clients *saysng*. It's just, so, funny. :)


In case you can't hear the lyrics, here it is:

Sometimes you call me up and beg me for free advice...
You're stealing from me, and wondering why I'm not nice...
My mind and my time--are my merchandise.
Don't make me say this twice:

If you come to my office or call my phone, I'm billing time.
If you stop me at parties to whine and moan, I'm billing time.

You say you want the best but then you don't pay the fee.
Motions cost money, but you think they should be free.

You cry "Oh why, is my bill so high?" [my bill so high?]
Well let me clarify:

If you come to my office or call my phone, I'm billing time.
If you stop me at parties to whine and moan, I'm billing time.
If I think of you when I am all alone, I'm billing time.
If you're late for appointments, I will be waiting... and billing time.
Still billing time...
I'm billing time.

Also, I found this on the net, and am not sure who to attribute to. So if this is your work, (and I'm speaking to "you") let me know ok? You're brilliant!


another PR consultant said...

YES!!! i LOVE this song!!!

Kimberlycun said...

lmao best song evaR!

another pr consultant said...

agree with you kimberlycun, it totally rocks..perked my day up ;p

davidlian said...

@another pr consultant: yeah, any PR person can identify with this song, I'm sure.

@kim: yeaps...it roxxors!

jiaminchow said...

Teeheehee... Reminds me why I do NOT miss life in a consultancy...and why I should continue to stay far, far away!

davidlian said...

@Min: Hey-lo! Bila balik dari Pinang? hahaha....yeah, but you know, agency life is still fun lah....for all its quirks. Depends a lot on the agency, colleagues and culture-fit.