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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Better tech needed for metal car keys!

If there's one invention I wish that would be implemented right now is for Titanium or some other tough material to be use for car keys.

Was rushing to work today trying to be early when a I realised I had to stop for gas at Petronas. Went to the pump and credit card facility wasn't working so I thought I'd risk it and go straight to work. Pulled out my car key and realised it was bent. Pictures below show it after my feeble attempt to bend it back straight.



Celaka! Proton should start considering tougher metals for their car keys. Now, if anyone knows where I can get this fixed, please ping me.


beetrice said...

or..you need to be a little more GENTLE with your belongings!! (never seen that happen to a car key on 'normal use' before)

eemay said...

aiyo david.... so ganas.. car key also can bend..

davidlian said...

@both: What lah...I am careful and gentle. Everyone who's met me knows that.