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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Latest paint job: Callidus Assassin

Time to diffuse the politics-heavy talk with a bit of hobbying.

I finished painting up my Callidus Assassin last week and I must say I'm pretty pleased with the paint job. This is the first time i drybrushed over black and it looks neater than I expected. I also did a bit more extensive modding to the base of the miniature with a skeleton taken from the D&D miniature range and repainted the skelly to look more warhammer-ish.

Callidus Assassins are perhaps the most insidious of all Officio Assassinorium operatives, able to change their appearance into just about anyone with Poly-Morphine. In game terms, this means you can alter the deployment of your enemy leaving his transport stranded on one end of the table or off-position his heavy weapons team. Polymorphine also means she can appear anywhere within the enemy and charge into battle the same turn with her powerful C'tan blade.

Best of all, she's a beauty to look at on the tabletop.

Callidus Front
Callidus in front.

Callidus Back
Callidus at the back


Peter "Kazuki" Tan said...

Callie assasin...definately scary against heavy shooty armies like Tau n eldar because you can just appear right in front of their faces!

But da boyz will be happier if you can put up a good fight with em'. Get em' boyz!!

davidlian said...

Wait lah...the Callie Assassin will pwn you tonight! Muahahaha....