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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

RIP: Gary Gygax

Once upon a time, children and adolescents used to play with toy soldiers and fashionable dolls with little more than their imagination, hands and mouth.

Then, sometime in the 70s, a man came along and thought: "what fun it would be if we added dice, swords and dragons to this?" Thus, the great-grandfather of all Role-Playing Games (yes, even World of Warcraft) was born - Dungeons and Dragons. Or rather, its predecessor first - Chainmail.

The man responsible for our great hobby - Gary Gygax - has passed away today according to Troll Lord Games, his latest publisher. He aged 69.

May he rest in peace.


Ron Jerem Lee said...

D&D.... oh damn... you reminded how old am I....

davidlian said...

Hehe... you're not the only one.