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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Best Swag Ever - world's lightest Thinkpad?

In my four years as a PR consultant, I've seen a lot of different kinds of swag (stuff we give journalists when they attend media events). Thumb drives. T-Shirts. Jackets. Genuine Formula 1 Team shirts. Key Chains. CDs. Mugs. Paper weights. You name it, it's probably been given out.

Today we had a delivery to our office. A huge, huge box of Lenovo swag. But you can't imagine the delight when we started pulling out Thinkpads out of the box.


The photo above shows how much smaller it is in dimensions versus my current T60 Thinkpad. :) Sleek and small, I love it.


Eevon just loves working on it.


Me too.

So what's this mystery Thinkpad? It's a notebook.


Yes, I meant it literally. But isn't it just so cool?


KY said...

lol geek!

vickie said...

huh really small.. how many inch for the lightest thinkpad huh?

Kimberlycun said...

hehe cool!

kianyang said...

Had me fooled for a second there. :D neat though

davidlian said...

@KY: Yeah geek. It's the best thing to be.
@vickie: Er... I think the lightest one now is the X300 and its about an inch thick.
@kim: :)
@kianyang: yeah, I fooled myself with those pictures too.

icalvyn said...

IBM is a very good and stable. But some time the outlook are not nice... i prefer compaq...

davidlian said...

@icalvyn: I think looks are always debatable. I love the black and solid build of my Thinkpad.

cat said...