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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

davidlian visits: Lookout Point - feat. Group Samuel

Two weeks ago, our church youth group (SAMUEL! Yeah!) went for an outing at this place called Lookout point. Snuggled somewhere off the road between Ulu Langat and Ampang, Lookout Point boasts an eco-resort, a couple of restaurants of varying quality, and a fantastic view of the city.

Just thought I'd share a couple of pics from our visit and point out yet another great "secret place" in Malaysia that many people still don't know about. Wondering if tourists are brought here on their buses?

Lookout Point Composite
As you can see, we were somewhere between the outskirts of Ampang and the road to Ulu Langat.

Ignore my poser friend, check out the view of the city. :)

The view at night is breathtaking. Really good.

My youth group - Samuel. Striking a pose.

We settled down to have some food at the cheapest joint there. I ordered Kam Heong fried rice.

Which I promptly regretted when I saw Yee Ling's Portuguese rice. More meat!

Of course, no one could beat Jonathan's Western Cuisine.

The nice, resortie-ish food complex. Got many restaurants to try.

The guys fooling around. Check out the boy-band album cover expressions.

Not to be out-done, the girls demanded a picture too.

And we all went home with some very full stomachs. Don't start the rumour, this isn't my stomach.

If you're looking for a place to go for a nice visit our outing, check out Lookout Point. Seriously. We went there for the first time and surprised ourselves with how much fun we had. Of course, you could join us anytime we have an outing or event again - we have these sort of things every Saturday (that's why I'm always busy every weekend, guys). Just drop me a line if you want to come along.

PS. If you're thinking of going to Lookout Point, I'd warn you to beware of the jam that starts at 8:30 p.m. or so when many, many couples come up to have a romantic dinner and view of the city. As the access road is single laned, you'll have hard time going down. But don't let that deter you anyway.


Myself & I said...

Hehe, my recommendation good hor =p
Next time bring u guys to new places again k ;)

David Cheong said...

Ooooo I've yet to go there yet! Yeah, I heard the view is breathtakingly awesome!

davidlian said...

@myself&i: best!
@david cheong: Hahaha... wanna come along next time we go?

BlogMalaysia.com said...

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Yes, it is FREE! :)

David Cheong said...

sure, gimme a call then we go =D

Chong Su Ann, Iviane said...

the place is better known as Ampang Hilltop. it's the best of the best to go at 11pm ish. the road to the top closes at 2am. and try out gasoline fries! it goe so well the pretty lights all over, and of course a good company! :) :)

davidlian said...

@blogmalaysia: I'll check it out.
@david: LoL! I dun have your number.
@Iviane: As always, you always have more information than me.

David Cheong said...
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davidlian said...

Got it!

cindy said...

wuu i love that place! Eventhough a tad far for me, but the view and food *especially pizza!* makes the trip worth it! =)

davidlian said...

@Cindy: i would love to go back there sometime. Need to bring my wife along too.