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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What's the coolest thing in CES?!

The coolest thing in CES so far... real life size IRON MAN suit! W00T!

For some morbid reason, I've always had this fascination of being encased in a impregnable iron suit that could fire Ion beams and heat-seeker missiles. Little known fact: Did you know Iron Man #1 (facsimile edition) was my first ever Marvel comic?

Looking forward to the movie later this year! Seems like Marvel might as well be a movie studio instead of comic book maker.


Adlina said...

Now I know you're the same David Lian I first got to know on Vox :P Ahh, reading blog posts about CES makes me depressed~ Simply cuz I'm not there and my friends are...

If that Iron Man starts talking in slang... Hmm...


davidlian said...


Lol :) Yups, that's me, the one and only. Well..that's until last week when I discovered there are other "Lians" out there too! Keke...