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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My N95 now knows how to shut up...

... when I flip it over! Yay!

Remember sometime late in 2007 when Nokia (me client) unveiled the Symbian S60 Touch platform that will be making its debut this year with this video?

One of the key features was that the new UI will really start to take advantage of a built-in accelerometer (the thing in your device that detects if the device is moving, face down or tilted). If you watched the above video, the lady just has to flip her phone and it mutes itself. Intuitive, really.

Well, as of today, so can my Nokia N95. This is thanks to a nifty little application called FlipSilent by Tong Ren. It's not yet widely available on the net, but I got my heads up from the guy I think is Malaysia's foremost Symbian expert - Smashpop and he was even kind enough to sign it for me. (As a security feature, not all apps can be installed on your S60 device unless its signed to your IMEI (the unique ID of your device, which you can see by pressing *#06#).


You have to let FlipSilent run in background. The footprint isn't too big - about 50kb so it shouldn't make your device run too slowly.

FlipSilent Menu

You get to select which profile it switches to when you flip. You can also select that your phone hangs up. Or, for laughs, get it to ring even louder when you flip!

Okay, still sounds unbelievable. Well, here's a video from Smashpop (because I was too lazy to record my own) that shows what it does in real life:

FlipSilent for Symbian from smashpOp on Vimeo

Too cool? I agree.


smashpOp said...

i hope i got long meetings tomoro... n i hope i get many calls. ahah

DC said...

Just to be a little gay, and at risk of sounding like a broken record after our msn convo yesterday, yours is but one of the many Shutup posts ive seen so far, and like everyone else, you too fail to mention that the 8800 Arte already features this type of functionality.

are all nokia/symbian fans this focused on the n-series? :P

davidlian said...

DC: "are all nokia/symbian fans this focused on the n-series? :P"

Yeah! :) Coz I don't own an 8800 Arte, but I DO own a N95. Capiche?

Friedbeef said...

Damn - I gotta try that!