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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

There be Giants (Milk Teas) / Ernie & Yvonne's Birthday Sneaky Tricks

I don't know if the other pseudo Hong-Kong food places already do this but you know, you can get a free Giant Milk Tea @ Wong Kok in Leisure Mall, Cheras. It's really big, like this:

Look at the SIZE of that thing!

All you have to do to get that Giant Milk Tea is get your buddies to spend RM 30.00 minimum on food and drinks then show those kind people working at Wong Kok your IC and that your birthday is actually on that day and they'll cart it out for you.

So anyway, Ernie's birthday is on the 7th of Jan and Yvonne's birthday was on the 8th of Jan. Someone (suspect it's Ernest himself) came up with the sneaky plan to get TWO Giant Milk Teas by doing this:

We went to Wong Kok at 11 pm to celebrate Ernest and Yvonne's birthday. Waitress served us. We budgeted carefully and spend just enough to get that one Giant Milk Tea and then requested for cups for everyone else - so free drinks for most people.

Then, the punchline: at the stroke of 12 midnight, we buzzed the waiter again and ordered some more food - this time, more than RM 30 again. And, we proudly presented Yvonne's IC so that
we could get a SECOND Giant Milk Tea. The waiter stared incredulously at the card for a couple of minutes before Ernest had to quip in - "it's real."

To Wong Kok's merit, they delivered the SECOND Giant Milk Tea without too much fuss after Yvonne signed the book confirming she's actually having her birthday on that day. Though, I'd pay to know what they were saying inside the kitchen... :)

Giant Milk Tea makes for great drinking games too!


Jasonmumbles said...

LOL. I like the expression of the guy's face.

davidlian said...

which guy, dude?

Myself & I said...

of course ernie la, lol

Linus Linnaeus said...

what they were doing in the kitchen?

or what they were doing to the tea...

cheng cheng cheng...


davidlian said...

Lol! I actually thought its Adrian he's talking about.