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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Waiting to go to India

The airport makes me sleepy. Every time I go to KLIA, I realise I feel quite, quite tired. Wonder if it's some sort of psychological association problem thingy?

I'm now sitting right in KLIA in front of a sponsored Samsung TV screening old Astro movie re-runs. I'm trying to get KLIA Wi-Fi to work right, but for some wierd reason I can't get Firefox to work (web pages keep coming back with 404 errors). So now, I'm booting up on Internet Explorer for pretty much the first time ever on my office PC.

Then, Windows Live Messenger doesn't work either. And neither does my office VPN link - so I can't check my emails (other than with my N95 for those of you who are sure to point that out ... :))

I'm waiting to go to India for the first time ever. Everyone has given me pretty much a piece of advice:
1. Drink only bottled water or canned drinks.
2. Brush your teeth with bottled water.
3. Don't simply eat roadside food.
4. Check out the cheap cheap stones (i.e. Jewellery) in India.
5. Don't drink water from the tap.
6. Make sure you drink only bottled water.

Yeah, I got the message. Thanks! I'm going to make it a point to buy bottled water once I reach India. Hoping it doesn't cost a bomb.


chloe said...

harlow david-i-like-to-show-you-my-shirt,

:D aiyo, your "symptoms" sound exactly like the bad maxis connection i'm having right now.

take care in india! is roti canai like a food in india? or is it wholly m'sian? :P

Ern said...

hope you had a good trip to India. Was it for holiday or work?
2 things i enjoyed about india, the food and the mountains.

Vijesh said...

which part of India did u go?

davidlian said...

Chloe: Glad to see you! Roti Canai is definitely Indian... I saw many people having it for lunch with Dahl.

Ern: The food gave me the Delhi belly, but I loved the temples. Great works of art, those.

Vijesh: Long time no see! I went to Delhi lar...not your hometown...