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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thank you all for the Happy event!

Just wanted to thank everyone who attended our Happy event on Tuesday night. And, even if you didn't come, thanks for letting me know too!

Wanna thank Yasmin from Cafe Libre for being so accomodating. The venue rocked!

Moment of the night

Wanted to share something that's still stuck in my head and makes me chuckle out-loud sometimes:

(The scene) Everyone was sitting in a circle and we were going around introducing ourselves and our blogs. Somehow, it started to fall into a pattern... "Hi, I'm XXXX and I blog at XXXXX. I blog about XXXXX." And Erna changed it all...

Erna: Okay, can we stop talking like we're in Blogholics Anonymous?

There was a pause. Then everyone started laughing.

Second Moment of the Night

So I was asking inane movie trivia questions so we could get people to come out, dig thru the Happy sack, and win a prize.

Can't remember the question I asked, but Suanie won that prize.

She stepped up, rummaged thru the sack and randomly pulled out her docket to win a... Shaver!

Some people proceeded to make some funny comments that I shall not post here on fear of mutilation. Muahahahahaha....there's a picture too! Scroll down.

Here are some pictures:

Playing the Wii - don't let it fly!
Erna trying out the Wii. It's official, Wii makes people happy.

More Wii Action!
Clap, clap, laugh, laugh.

Hula Hooping...some people were cheating
We made the people who came do the Hula. Apparently no one could keep it up for longer than 2 spins.

Smashpop Hula
Exclusive: The SmashpOp thumbs up (sorry Jason, couldn't resist)

Still hula-ing
Happy people showing us how to do it.

Gee, Suan won a shaver
Guess what Suanie walked home with. I'm told that if you [CENSORED]

pinkpau and smashpop
Movie tickets for PinkPau.

First of two shampoos for Swifty
Shampoo for Swifty. He got two actually. One was some "Threesome" brand.

Value packs makes Kim happy
And a value pack of I dunno what for Kim.

You know you're going when you laugh...for no reason.
Nigel claims that I only get his side profile in all the pics. Hung Wei's here too.

We tried to make Gallivanter smile wider.
Guess who gallivanted all the way here?

Group Picture!
Obligatory group picture. There were some more people, but I think they had went off already...

PS... must give credit to the photographer of the night - Louis
because I selamba borrow the pictures and put on my site. :)


KY said...

memang happifying!

The Great Swifty said...

Whoa, Smashpop is in every single photo of the prize winners.

smashpOp said...

wah didnt know that i got a good spot that night lol

Erna said...

Yep, it was certainly a genuinely 'happy' event. Been a long time since I enjoyed myself at these gatherings! :D

Skyler said...

Can we turn back time T_____T

voch said...

Hi david! Nice fotos..Was certainly a happy event! haha

Grant & Yasmin said...

David, it was a pleasure to meet you and your team, all the "happy" bloggers, and thanks for the opportunity to host your event! :)

davidlian said...

@ KY: Thanks!
@ Swifty: Yeah, I think he was cheating
@Smashpop: were you cheating?
@Erna: hahahaha....glad you came.
@Skyler: Er...nope. Sorry lor. Next time first.
@voch: Nice to meet you too.
@Grant & Yasmin: Best food ever. :)

Anonymous said...

Great photos - exactly what camera did you use to take them?