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Thursday, January 10, 2008

iZZi Broadband Refund within 7 Days is a Hoax

This is going to be the first cut-and-paste job for me today (hooray!) but I'm sure this friend of mine won't mind after she's literally lost her voice screaming at the iZZi people.

She says (edited version):

I purchase an iZZiyou wireless broadband package on 1st of November, 2007.

I still remember how I ask the salesperson that day before I made the payment. I asked him, “To entitle for the 100% refund, including the activation & registration fees, the ONLY condition is to return it within 7 days? No other condition?” And the answer I get is a very clear and absolute “Yes! As long as within 7 days.”

And once I went back home, quickly set it up, and try out the connection. But the result is disappointing. I only received 30% of signal at my living room, where I usually do my work and surf net. So I called up their helpdesk, told them I am not satisfied with the signal strength, then we do some testing at different location in my house. And I realized that I can only get 80-90% signal strength when I am at a corner of my room and the balcony. So I told them that this is not acceptable, it will be such a joke that “mobile wireless” actually limit my mobility in your own house!! And I can’t be working in my balcony at all times. Then the helpdesk personnel told me that perhaps my house is located at a blind spot and thus only the balcony can receive good signal. They advice me to purchase the external antenna to boost the signal, but that totally defeat the purpose of mobility with the antenna attached to your laptop! And we need to pay it ourselves but yet no guarantee the problems will be solved. So they said I could return back the equipment set to them and get the full refund.

So I went to the iZZinet HQ at Menara Olympia, Raja Chulan. And it took me so much trouble to fight against the traffic to go there, hoping they would help to expedite the refund process. I passed the full set of equipment to a girl named Lee Lin, signed a document for the refund and left, with the hope that I would get my refund asap.

And this is the best part to of the story, as of today - 10th January 2008, 2 months had gone, there is still NO REFUND coming thru. I have been calling their office in this 2 months time, to ask them about the progress, and this Lee Lin girl keep on telling me different version of the story:

  • We are working on the request, the payment should be ready next week, would you like us to issue a cheque or directly debit into your account?
    • I told them I want the direct debit option and give them my bank account no, but after 2 weeks, no payment coming thru
So I called again after 2 weeks, below are the feedback provided
  • I’m sorry, we are still working on it, it should be ready next week, I will call you once it is ready
    • No call receive from iZZinet or Lee Lin, another 1 week gone
Then called again, another version of the story below
  • I’m sorry, your cheque already with us, I will ask the office boy to bank into your account by this week
    • I gave them 2 weeks time, for “the office boy to bank into my account”, “surprise surprise”, nothing is coming into my bank account again
This time I am really really pissed, so I screwed the Lee Lin girl on the phone, and lo and behold, her new story
  • I’m sorry, your cheque is still with the office boy, he still have not bank in it, I will ask him to do it asap
    • I told them that I should not be the one that suffer due to their inefficiency, I want the refund to be in my bank by end of the week, and I want their manager to speak to me if this is still not be done by the end of the week.
Finally, last Friday – 4th November 2008, there was a girl calling from iZZinet, somehow I just could not recall her name, should be their manager, told me MY REFUND IS NOW IN THE DISPUTE, because of my “more than 3Mb of usage”, and they claimed that this term and condition is written on their website. And they are going to issue the refund but minus RM98 out, because they have to CHARGE ME FOR ONE MONTH USAGE because of the >3Mb download, EVEN THOUGH I ONLY USED IT FOR LESS THAN 7 DAYS. Below are the feedbacks I gave:
  • HELLO??? You gave people 7 days trials and you expect people to use less that 3Mb???
  • Maybe is MY MISTAKE that I did not read anything about this at their website, BUT your sales person ASSURE me that returned within 7 days is the ONLY condition I need to fulfill, that means your salesperson is NOT TO BE TRUSTED???
  • And your staff follow-up SUCKS, because I have to CALL EVERYTIME, even though the Lee Lin girl promised to call me back to update me the progress, but every time I called, there is different story given
  • The LEE LIN is LYING every time I called!!! Because the update she gave previously was the payment / cheque is ready but the office boy have not bank in. That means your staff is NOT TO BE TRUSTED???
  • CHARGE ME ONE MONTH SUBCRIPTION FEES for the LESS THAN 7 DAYS USAGE, that is a very easy money for iZZinet to earn!!!
I literally scream at the manager until I am at the verge of losing my voice because I am really ( X infinity ) PISSED!!!!!! And I felt so CHEATED!!!!!! At the end of the conversation, she said she would discuss further with the company, and she would call me back TOMORROW.

It is 10th January 2008 (Thu) today, and no call receive from iZZinet, no surprise, because with the suckish customer service they had been provided, what will be a surprise anymore?

So my conclusion on this matter is
  • IzziNet Broadband 100% Refund within 7 days is a hoax (with so may hidden term & condition, <3mb>
  • IzziNet personnel – from SALESPERSON, HELPDESK, STAFF & MANAGER, their word is NOT TO BE TRUSTED, either inaccurate information provided or even worse, they lied. But guess what, consumer is the one that pay for the price!
I am telling you people about my experience (a very bad one) with iZZinet broadband, presenting the verdict here, serve as a warning, to whoever that wanted to consider such service; because I certainly don’t want anyone to be cheated in the same way.

But of course, the decision is always in your hand!

Still Very Piss & Still Waiting For My Refund,

Go read the actual post here. This isn't the first bad post about iZZi too... just check out here and here. I rest my case.

Methinks, no matter how bad Streamyx is, there isn't anything that's wireless that's remotely as reliable as the wired DSL that Streamyx. Of course, if mobility is important to you, my Maxis 3G works fine. Or go with Celcom. At least they fear the customers...that's the most important thing you need when choosing a company to buy stuff from.


Adlina said...


That's just... terrible. But really, 4th November 2008? 2008? Hm..

CresceNet said...

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davidlian said...

adlina: 4th Nov 2008? where? prob a typo... :)
crescenet: thanks!

Chong Su Ann, Iviane said...

hahaha, here's where the communication field comes in handy. flash your media pass just abit and then they'll do it straight away. they say they'll refund immediately, full refund somemore. :P

Anonymous said...

Gawd! I was thinking of going izzi too. I will hold on. TMnet is not mobile. That's the trouble with Malaysia. The Communications Minister gives them the licence to make money grabs the commission but do not supervise them and they try to cheat people. If you do not follow up you will never hear from them again. Here's what consumers should do in such instances. Tell them you are suing them via the Consumers Tribunal. and do it after reasonable time. Costs only RM50.00 and u probably get that back as well as damages. Report the matter to the Domestic Trade Ministry AND report the Communications Ministry which issued them the licence. This will make them jump. Show these crooks we mean business and they better behave. Good luck. No Izzi for me!