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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Who wants to share Assault on Blackreach with me?

Okay, listen up 'ere boyz.

Da Waaagh is comin' to town an' da Deffkoptas are skreamin' da skies. Dis 'ere's da Assault on Blackreach.
Assault on Blackreach Big - Share on Ovi
Yeah, Games Workshop is releasing the boxed set for the latest 5th Edition Warhammer 40,000 ruleset. Comes with two half-sized armies at a very cheap price of US$60. Here's the deal, two boxes will net you a decent 1,000 point army for either side, but I'm only interested in Space Marines.

So, does anyone want to purchase the box set and split with me? I'll buy one and you buy one and I'll swap you all the ork stuff for all the space marine stuff? I'll even throw in a walkover for our first game together. Any takers?


Yvonne said...

Just sell me the orks la... sell it cheap.. since I only want the orks, you can keep all the rule books and stuff

davidlian said...

what price is dillon selling you at?

depending on the cost of the box, I might sell for 120 bucks or so.

The rulebook is dirt cheap, my other alternative is to go online and pick it up for US$5 (about RM18). :/