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Monday, July 21, 2008

Best customer service ever!

I had a pleasant surprise when I reached home today. Just last week, my inspired determination to assemble my Sisters of Battle Exorcist Tank came to a standstill when I discovered I had a part that didn't fit.

Faulty Exorcist Tank part - Share on Ovi

So, I wrote to Games Workshop US over the weekend and after checking details for two days, they replied - "sure, no problem, we'll send a replacement" on Thursday last week.

Today, I had found this when I reached home:

Exorcist Tank - Share on Ovi

Okay, I was impressed by the quick delivery to me and the (expensive!) use of Fedex But, imagine my surprise when I actually picked up the box and it rattled. My jaw dropped when I opened it and found this:

Exorcist Replacements. Great! - Share on Ovi

Yes, that's a whole set of kit for a brand new Exorcist tank. Wow! I ask for a part and they send me a tank! If GW is in a fix over its financials at the moment, it touches me greatly that they aren't being miserly over customer service. Not only does their customer service guy John Spencer deserve a raise, I think the whole company's just reinforced to me just what a great company they are.

Kudos GW! You've won this customer for life.


KY said...

and that is actually pretty standard customer service practice in US!

Anonymous said...

The legendary support.


davidlian said...

@KY: Not really, they would have resent me the defective part like last time, and with other companies. I think they went the extra mile this time.
@yclian: Yeah! Wishing Malaysian companies took a leaf out of this.

Dillon said...

Malaysia can't do it. You know why? We would have abused it. I don't think we have the correct mentality yet to be able to handle this kind of customer service.

Dillon said...

Anyhow, i had an experience in office whereby i ordered the breakfast set via McD delivery, when it came, turns out my burger is only a bun...they forgot to include the meat patty...-.-* My boss saw it and was like, lets call them and complain and tell them all the burgers no meat as it was a group order, bout 8 of us. See what i mean? LOL

BaLQiz said...

Hmmm even our post laju sucks, let alone the rest of the service industries in Malaysia. Even if there are excelent service here, it's only a handful and most of the time its not bein recognized... poor thang...

davidlian said...

@dillon: You're right. It's the Malaysian mentality that makes simple consumer rights like return policies untenable.
@balqiz: Yups, hear you.