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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

All about Lydia

*Addendum* - this post should have gone up yesterday, but for various technical reasons (i.e. the lousy connection I get from TMNet Streamyx at home), I wasn't able to post.

Today Yesterday, is was Lydia and my first anniversary together, so I thought I'd post a couple of pictures throughout the year to remnisce and share with you a couple of great moments (well, every moment was great actually) together:

843745002_0e6bb31d67_o - Share on Ovi
Lydia and I waiting to get onto our plane to Cambodia for our Honeymoon.

894916763_23e93f1e34_o - Share on Ovi
At the Angkor Wat in our Honeymoon. Seeing ruins wasn't as exciting as we thought, we got bored after the first three temples. But it did make us feel like Lara Croft in Tomb Raider.

1654746718_157cb0ab2e_o - Share on Ovi
Together at church for one of our Petra Youth meetings.

1158317239_4d76ad3c25_o - Share on Ovi
At Seng Wai and Wai Chin's wedding dinner. Yes, we attended very many wedding dinners last year.

2264448457_f5253fa89f_o - Share on Ovi
On Valentine's Day, our treat was Carl's Junior. A RM 50 meal too! Okay, so we're not that big spenders...have never believed in giving free money and profits to restaurants who cash in on "celebrations" like Valentines Day.

2583687946_1f68d76781_o - Share on Ovi
Us, going to the Gold Coast!

2587721168_33368df9bd_o - Share on Ovi
We took a picture with Sylvester the Cat. Shame about Tweety though, we really wanted to take that picture home.

2587691704_56f66e52be_o - Share on Ovi
And again, with Batman and friends.

980599333_e67d8799af_o - Share on Ovi
So this is a solo picture, but one I can't resist putting up! Lydia chomping on insects in Cambodia.

Happy Anniversary, dear! Here's hoping for 70 more years just like this one.


suanie said...

hehehhe so sweet
congrats mr and mrs lian!!!

davidlian said...

Thanks TEH Suan. :). Yeah, Lydia makes my world go round.

Johnny Ong said...

excuse me ..... if my maths are correct, 70 more years of like this is like u'll be hitting 100 years old .............. hehehe

beetrice said...

aww...touching, david. but marriage a partnership, so shouldn't it be all about BOTH of you? :)

congratulations on the first year in...

Kimberlycun said...

congratulations :)

davidlian said...

@Johnny, Nah, 70 years and I'll be 96. Anyway, the miracles of modern science could make us alive and well longer than that.
@Beatrice: Yeah, but this is my post about her.
@Kim: thanks! Good trip in Thai Land?

KY said...


Jon said...

The pics are chronological rite... I was getting worried cause you seemed to be getting bigger with each pic until the Carl's one! Kekeke!

You and Lydia inspire me in what a relationship with God at the centre is about. Maybe I'll get there someday :)

Here's to your 70 years! YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM cha....