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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The day an opposition rally made front page

Correct me if I'm wrong but today's made media history by my calculations. Here's why, the Malay Mail arrived at our office just only and I saw this:

Today's Malay Mail - Share on Ovi

Yes. The photo isn't doctored. That's a picture of a big 'ol opposition rally on the front page telling you that there's a 15,000 strong turnout. Previously, big opposition rallies have never been picked up by local newspapers, let alone having the numbers confirmed. Only place I ever saw those pictures was on the internet. (Click here for a video)

So what does this mean?

Firstly, I'm pretty sure the fact that The Malay Mail is now owned by Blu Inc has something to do with this. But more importantly, there does seem to be a trend where the national newspapers are opening up and covering the opposition more and more.

The question is, how much more? And are they being covered in context?


joshuaongys said...

interesting stuffs... lets hope this is nt the last of "these kinda headlines"

davidlian said...

*crosses fingers too*

BernardC said...

Oh great
September 16 is coming....

davidlian said...

Sept 16 is indeed coming. I guess that's the way calendars work. :)