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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Health issues and CEOs

I used to subscribe to the school of thought that CEOs were possibly the most powerful tool for any communications programme. When you look at icons like Donald Trump, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Jack Welch, you can't help but imagine how wonderful it would be to work in their companies or to be led by such a powerful leader. Respect.

Of course, my first client - a big name automotive brand - held the exact opposite philosophy. The CEO talks only when its appropriate for him to talk and his wardrobe is certainly not going to be pitched as a news story. I questioned the wisdom of that - isn't it pretty incredulous that you don't make your CEO out to be a thought leader and visionary? I mean, he is, after all a pretty smart guy.

My views today are much changed and I see the wisdom in my client's PR guidance toolkit. Especially when seen in the light of this story about speculation on Steve Job's current health.

Really, when your CEO is seens as that critical to the company, it's not wonder shareholders and pundits would be very concerned about the company should anything happen to him.

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