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Thursday, July 31, 2008

PacketOne to launch WiMAX service tomorrow?

Update: I guess I should've updated earlier. Apparently what happened at PC Fair was PacketOne talking a about their 'upcoming' WiMAX offering. Speculated launch date August 19? Why does it keep getting pushed back?

I've heard murmurings from more than one very reliable source that PacketOne will launch WiMAX tomorrow at PC Fair as a service to replace attempt to replace Streamyx.

Yeap, you heard me. Replace. (ed: in case you don't get it, this is wireless technology trying to take on the wired.)

Personally, I'll believe in the wonders of WiMAX when I see it because we've had many other alternatives that have come and gone - anyone remember Webbit? How about Izzi? Not to mention the latest drives by Maxis, Celcom and DiGi to get you to use USB 3G / EDGE modems.


Jibone said...

Replace? you mean by tomorrow I won't be able to use my Streamyx?

I don't think so.

davidlian said...

Nah, I meant to say "attempt to replace" Emphasising on how P1's strategy is to use what's essentially wireless technology to challenge wired ones. I'll change the wording.

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