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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Bottle Neck

There was a famous old saying in the tech industry: "Design the software, the hardware will catch up." Hardware used to be the bottle-neck for computing. Processor speeds weren't fast enough, RAM wasn't enough, powerful computing was the size of a classroom.

Today, IMHO, there's a new bottle-neck: internet speeds. Think of the wonders we could achieve. We dream of so many applications - live-streaming video, hi-definition movies, instant download services etc. etc.

Dreams. But the reality is we're stuck waiting 45 minutes to download a 60 MB patch. I'm just waiting for another solution to come along so I can ditch Streamyx already. (And I heard, an alternative might soon be on the way.) :/


Yin-Phin Lim (yin.phin.lim@gmail.com) said...

Hi David. You probably know me. We were at the same church for some time. Just to comment on our internet speed. I think we got ripped off by our one and only broadband service provider now here in Cheras. I think Maxis is also the same. When I was Melbourne, it was totally different. I also am not fully satisfied with our supposedly 1 MB bit speed. I tested it out using a website (I forgot which one already) and it's always below 600 KB. I guess as Malaysians we don't always get what we paid for or what we are promised. Good day.

davidlian said...

Hi Yin Phin, of course I know you! Drop me an email and tell me what you're up to. On internet speeds, yes, I want something faster. But how and when?

Yin Phin said...

Hi. As fas as I can see, you didn't really put your e-mail address on this blog. Or maybe I couldn't find it.

I don't know when or how, but I gave up World of Warcraft because of regular drop of internet speed.

So you play Warhammer 40000 huh. It's an old game. Fast paced, action oriented. But I'm slow.