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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

There be Bloggers

We all pay lip-service to it: bloggers are people of all sorts. Yet somehow, in the glitz and glamour of generating traffic, attending big events, raking in money and becoming celebrities in our own right, the picture we often get when we mention the word "blogger" is that of this star celebrity.

Yesterday's humbling Happy Moments event was a jerk back to earth for me. Often, communications people get caught up with a blogosphere that's only made up of popular reads. Yet sharing the table with some of the bloggers who came made me think: "these are just very regular people."

The Lim Family

Mr. Lim and family were at the event because his daughter Jasmine, made it to the top ten with her blog post. Sitting down with the family was interesting because I discovered that Jasmine and her sister Jennifer, were both BRATS. So we chatted a bit about journalism and communication, with Mr. Lim being quite interested in my job. Of course, in turn, I was really interested in Mr. Lim's big camera and mentioned more than once - you should start a photo blog too!

Tham Wai Hon and family 2

Tham Wai Hon showed up with his family and really cute baby boy. He'd shot a video of his baby and posted up on his blog. It was really interesting meeting this family as they reminded me of the sort of family gatherings I get to experience with my own and somehow, with your family around, it feels like blogging is much less glamourous.

Tham Wai Hon and family

I've got a couple more photos to add to the event, some people were just good friends, others, though considered "famous" were tremendously down to earth.

In the end, bloggers are just people. Different people with different lives.

Addendum: Why was I at this Happy event? I helped organise it.

Cool bloggers

Friend bloggers

KY and Kim


joshuaongys said...

thats quite true hehehe they're just normal humans =)

KY said...

yeah me and kim won!!

davidlian said...

@Josh: Yups, exactly
@KY: Congrats!

jen said...

eh. nice meeting you david~

3POINT8 said...

oh man....
another blogging event. Dang, Missed it.

jasmine said...

hey david.
i really thought the event was good and really fun and i was glad my family could tag along too.

i hope you dont mind if i link that particular post up ;)

Thanks !

davidlian said...

@jen: nice to meet you too. Your Gen2 story is legendary.
@3point8: but we screened your video man. So you were there, sort of.
@jasmine: sure, no problem! Have fun being a BRAT!

Aidan said...

Hi David! T'was great meeting you fellow NorthPoint-er. Lol.

You owe me a business card too. =P

Simon Seow said...

Kim's hot. I got burnt.

3POINT8 said...

Oh? They actually screened my video?
So i was there after all.

SzeHow @ Unspectacular said...

hey there, i leave earlier on the day, what a waste!!

eyeris said...

I'm not 'normal people'. I be Optimus Prime ok?

davidlian said...

@aidan: drop by level 8, block A anytime for a spot of Wii? Just saw you sitting by Red Ginger.
@Simon: Huh?
@3point8: of course we did.
@Szehow: next time, stay till the end.
@eyeris: Don't bluff!

Nigelais said...

Nice simple, happy event. Reminds me of how things are done in PYP, with the fun games and all.

Have a great and fruitful camp!

yapthomas said...

i see no my picture.. :(
eh.. who is the official photographer.. i want pictures!! :) hahaha