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Friday, May 2, 2008

Playing to the Tune of Green

Was catching up on Buzz Out Loud episodes from the past couple of days in the car just now when Molly Wood made an interesting comment that wasn't part of the actual story.

Commenting on the Crave blog's story on HDTracks, a new music service that allows downloads of full-CD quality, uncompressed digital music files, Molly said something about "this is green too."

Being the (savvy?) PR practitioner that I am, my ears pricked. How does green music sound as a catchphrase to you? Would you buy more digital music online if I told you you were helping save the earth?

You know, on a second thought, it's probably quite an obvious connection. But why hasn't this angle ever been picked up by the good folks of already established online music stores (which I'm sure you'll have no problems naming)?

Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever read an article covering green music and how much greener digital music tracks are compared to pressing CDs. I'm sure there's still an effect on the environment (heat release and energy consumption from keeping servers switched on 24/7 etc.) but compared to running factories pressing CDs, I'm sure the numbers will show some savings.

What would the impact be if the whole world went digital? And not just for music, but for videos, games and other digitally distributed content as well? How much greener would we be? (Sounds like a theme for next year's Earth Day?)

So, yeah, a thought-provoking topic to think about and I'm actually hoping that someone picks this up and goes run a study.

In the meantime, go home and ask yourselves - is my music green?


Yatz said...

wtf is green music of uncompressed music files?

izzit another meaning of raw files? lol

davidlian said...

@yatz: the point is digital music downloads save the energy, pollution and waste of burning CDs. The old issue used to be MP3s don't have the same quality as CDs. But with uncompressed digital downloads, that argument goes away and side-by-side, that means if you choose to buy an album over digital download instead of the CD, you've just saved us a bunch of pollution points. Hence, green music.

David Cheong said...

In other words, SUPPORT TORRENTS!!!!


davidlian said...

LoL! I'm all for torrents. Just not illegal stuff kay?

vialentino said...

wow...interesting post and nice blog....have a nice day.

davidlian said...

@vialentino: thanks!

Anonymous said...

Not only does this HDtracks site offer the lossless version, but the liner notes are PDF and included in the price, so no inks and dye polution, no deforestation from paper manufacturing, etc. How green can you get and still have it all?!?!