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Thursday, May 8, 2008

I have super powers.


Since yesterday's post about Iron Man and how awesome the movie was, I got into a little discussion with a fellow PR consultant over MSN and we realised... PR people have superpowers too! Like:

1. Super Eyesight - (Granted I wear spectacles, but) PR people can and will churn through 13 newspapers daily within an hour, scanning for important client news with trained eyes that can spot BMW from BWM at a range of 2 - 3 feet away.

2. Subsonic and Selective Hearing powers - Needed for filtering out the background chatter from the real 'juicy' bits. Helps when you need to take notes of everything your client / client's boss says.

3. Iron Guts - May or may not come into use depending on whether you have booze clients or not. An ex-colleague used to tell me to drink one mug of beer a day to ensure I developed my Iron Gut. I failed. But if you have liquor clients, then you'd better make sure this superpower is very well developed.

4. Accelerated Healing - Like Wolverine, PR people can shake off the after-effects of a late, late night and be up for an early, early morning without aching bodies. Of course, on the occassion, this usually results in the said consultant going missing for a couple of days thereafter so use this power sparingly.

5. Flight / Super-speed - As with every service industry, every once in a while you make somebody angry - your client, some media, or some random bloke across the street. In these instances, it's pretty amazing to see how fast PR people can distance themselves from the aggro'ed character.

In the words of Nick Fury (right at the end of Iron Man, the Movie): "You think you're the only superhero in town?"


Yatz said...

hahaha nice superpower..i likey..

davidlian said...

LoL! And you haven't worked with me yet. LOL!