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Friday, May 16, 2008

Let's start a conversation about Rakan Cyber.

This bit of today's page two story in the New Straits Times caught my attention:

[Besides that], said Ismail, a new arm called Rakan Cyber, would be added to the seven others in Rakan Muda soon.

One of the main reasons was to reach out to the new generation through cyberspace - a sphere in which the Barisan Nasional government has admitted it was lagging behind.

"A lot of blogs these days paint a negative picture. That's why we are coming up with these positive blogs," he said.
To counter blogs that are "negative" let's bring out some "positive" blogs?

In the age of the conversation, I can't just help but feel that these steps are anchored in the age where "media is propaganda."

Let's have a conversation. Your thoughts please?


Khairul H. said...

Of course media is a propaganda tool. What else is it for? Even the opposition uses the new media (cyberspace) to bring forward their message to the people. So naturally BN will do the same now.

But will they succeed? I know I won't bother to read any pro-BN blogs. They will just parrot what the traditional media (papers, tv, radio) reports. Same old, same old.

Will Rakan Cyber allow criticisms of govt policies? Will they be fair in their reports? Will they stop harping about Ketuanan Melayu? (I'm Malay and even I'm sick of that)

I doubt it.

KY said...

LOL sounds like a joke.

davidlian said...

@khairul: Thanks for your comments. The distinction I was trying to make is propaganda is one-sided "me telling you." Where as, in the ideal notion of the blogosphere, two-sided conversation is what is really going on. Just like you, you have a choice to not believe or read, or even to ridicule, blogs that you think are full of propaganda.

Which leads me to question, just how effective these sort of measures are?

@KY: No, believe me, this isn't a joke.